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November Intentions

November is already here, which means December is just around the corner, which means 2017 is happening so fast! I still can’t believe this year has almost come to an end. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were entering 2016, and now it’s almost time for 2017! Crazy!

Well, as is my fashion, with a new month comes new goals and intentions. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want the month of November to look like for me, my health, my business, and my life, and there are a few areas that I hope to grow in as the month goes on!

With my clients, I have been doing food, fitness, and mindset goals after each of our sessions, and they’ve been loving it, as have I! It helps us remember that health has to be well-rounded and not just one area of our life. Health and wellness impacts so many things, and our mindsets have a lot to do with it! So with that said, I will be making goals for my food, fitness, and mindset, as well as some additional intentions that I have for this month. Hope you all have time to sit down and set some goals too! It’s always important to know the direction we are heading and the steps to get there!

Food/nutrition goals: My main goal for this area is to cook more meals at home. We have been going out a lot and also eating leftovers from family events and things, which is great, but I also miss my home-cooking! I’m hoping to cook up some of my hubby’s favorites this month, such as my healthy Shepherd’s pie (I’ll post the recipe), and some salmon!

Fitness goals: My goal in regards to activity and fitness is to workout 4x/week and to get outside more. I love this crisp Fall weather and want to go on more walks and enjoy the fresh air!

Mindset goals: I don’t want to be so hard on myself. Often times, I expect perfection and if I don’t reach that unattainable goal, I get down on myself and get into a negative mindset trap. Which is so NOT good! Negative thoughts only lead us towards negative actions, which don’t help us along the road of health and wellness! So I will be taking one step at a time this month, and celebrating the small wins.

Other intentions:

Rock my new Nourished and Free Holiday Challenge! I am hosting 8-weeks of food, fun, fitness, motivation, and accountability all in a group setting for the holiday season. If this time of year is a tough one for you to stay on track, join this group for some accountability, guidance from me, your very own dietitian, and a fun environment of other people wanting the same things you do! Click here for more info and to sign up!

Bake more! This past weekend, one of my best friends and my sister in law came over for a baking day! It was so much fun to bake together and I want to do more of that this season!

Blog more consistently. This is something I am always striving for! I want to make this blog a place where you come, get uplifted and inspired, and a space for me to just share my thoughts and my life! I really enjoy writing and plan on making more space for it in the coming season.

*What would YOU like to see more of on this blog? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

Save the monies. It can be so tempting to spend money during this season (malls  + Christmas music= lots of money spent) so I want to be aware of where our money goes and use it in a way that glorifies God. I want to remember that JESUS is the reason for the season, and while I want to enjoy shopping, I do not want to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of spending all our money! Yikes!

And with that said, these are my goals/intentions for the month! Have you thought about your goals yet? It’s a great time to sit down and reflect on where you want to be in the coming months and what steps it will take to get you there!


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